Prior Authorization (PA) Packet

As you know recent changes in the medical insurance industry have caused each of us to become more aware of the medications that are being prescribed. Your medical insurance company has a drug formulary, which contains a list of covered drugs. Each insurance company may have hundreds of individual formularies it uses for its customers. It is impossible for your physician to know exactly which medications are listed on your particular formulary.

If you desire to initiate prior authorization request to your insurance company, to change your medication, you can choose the following options...Most of these will be denied by your insurance company, since you have a specific medicine formulary, and their requirements are strict.

  1. Your easiest and most successful option:

    You may call your insurance company and determine what medicine they will cover in your contract in place of the prescribed medication. After you determine this, you may call our office and we will call the medication in to your pharmacy or mail you a new prescription to your home, if needed. This has the greatest chance of success with your company.

  2. You may download a prior authorization packet here which includes instructions. After you complete the form, it can be delivered by hand or mailed to our office.

    Mailing address:
    Craddock Health Center, PC
    209 West Spring Street, Suite 200
    Sylacauga AL 35150

If you cannot download the packet, you may call 256-245-5241 and ask for Patient Assistance, and they can either mail or fax you a "PA packet".

Again, we hope that this process is helpful and will aid you in getting your prescriptions filled. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause however; this is a requirement of your insurance company.